Velux Modular Skylight (VMS)

Velux Modular Skylight (VMS)

Dortech Maintenance are fully accredited installation partners with VELUX and are qualified to install their Modular Skylight system, also referred to as VMS.

VELUX Modular Skylights were designed together with renowned architects Foster + Partners and provide an excellent solution for glass roof design and installation.

Velux Modular Skylight is delivered to site in pre-glazed modules that not only look & function brilliantly, but can offer a number of benefits over rival products during the construction process in respect to health & safety, quality and productivity.

Velux Modular Skylight

Velux Modular Skylight (VMS)

Glass Rooflights

Health & Safety: 

The modules are mechanically lifted into place, so manual handling and the risk of accidents occurring through manual handling activities is dramatically reduced.

The amount of time on site from silicone sealing, glazing, fixing, capping off is therefore also reduced.


The VMS modules are pre-manufactured and pre-glazed in a factory environment, unaffected by poor weather conditions, others trades and lighting conditions. The quality of this velux modular skylight can only be described as excellent.

To ensure high level glazing quality that have become synonymous with the VELUX brand, all VMS modules are carefully protected and packaged before being delivered to site.

The glass roof systems can be designed as fixed roof lights, or can integrate mechanically operated opening devices and blinds. The picture to the below shows one of our glazed rooflights in the open position.


Due to the most labour intensive elements of site installation being conducted in the factory environment, the productivity of the velux modular skylight installation can be achieved within half the time of a traditional curtain wall grid system, or patent glazing system.

Once the sub-frame and brackerty has been installed, the installation flys!


The range is built around a unique, composite material that ensures excellence in energy, aesthetics and performance:

• 100% modularity so glazed rooflights fit perfectly and are fully functional

• The stylish design means slim profiles, a flush exterior and an elegant appearance

Bespoke Glazing Design with a hidden, almost silent, actuator chain and fully integrated internal blinds

• Unique framing material guarantees a high insulating performance and one of the lowest overall U-Values

Glass Rooflights

This fantastic glazed rooflight solutions is available in a number of different formats, enabling bespoke, large pane, architectural features to be achieved. The Glass Rooflights are available with dimensions as much as 3,000mm’s long and include specially designed flashing and interface details that come together perfectly.

Glazed Rooflight Services

The standard arrangements we are able to offer Glazed Rooflight services that includes; Atrium Glazing, Long Lights, Northlights and Ridgelights.

Atrium - Glass Rooflights

Longlight - Glass Rooflights

Northlight - Glass RooflightsRidgelight - Glass Rooflightsbespoke - Glass Rooflights

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