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Approved Applicators of Ritec’s Clear Shield Eco-System™


Dortech Maintenance are certified applicators of Ritec International’s award-winning Clear Shield Eco-System™ for glass renovation, ‘non-stick’ protection and maintenance. Ordinary glass treated with the ClearShield Eco-System™ becomes ClearShield Eco-Glass™ which is always easier to clean and keep clean, and resists staining and discolouration. The ‘non-stick’ feature of ClearShield Eco-Glass™ reduces dirt and pollution build-up, maintains the glass’s original light transmission as well as keeping the glass looking like new for longer. Routine cleaning cycles are typically reduced by 50% and the benefits can last for up to 15 years on vertical façades.

As approved applicators of the ClearShield Eco-System™, we are able to renovation glass so it looks as good as new prior to the application of ClearShield® to protect the glass and make it ‘non-stick’. Renovation is a highly-cost effective alternative to glass replacement.

The Ritec Effect:

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Above image shows close-up of glass surface after Ritec application


Just as metal rusts, glass is subjected to a corrosion process caused by reactions between the glass surface and environmental pollution. Even a single droplet of moisture on unprotected glass can produce sufficient damage to be visible in good lighting.

Ritec’s award-winning ClearShield Eco-System™ glass surface treatment is applied to ordinary glass. The unique ClearShield®formulation cross-links with itself and the glass to form a strong chemical bond.

ClearShield® is completely transparent, chemically inert, non-hazardous and UV stable. Unlike a coating, ClearShield® becomes part of the glass so will not peel, flake or crack.

The result is ClearShield Eco-Glass™ that prevents contaminants from bonding to the surface and limits further damage caused by corrosion and chemical attack. Dirt can easily be removed using normal cleaning methods.

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Buy Ritec DIY Kits for Easy-Clean Glass 

We also sell Clear-Vision DIY kits for car windscreens, shower screens, windows and conservatories at market leading prices so you can experience ‘non-stick’ glass in and around the home and elsewhere. Please click on the button below for further information.