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Glazing Maintenance & Replacement Services

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We provide expert glazing maintenance for aluminium windows, doors & curtain walling and have experience working in a variety of different locations including; schools, hospitals, commercial office building, retail environments and residential properties. Our site engineers are all CRB checked and have significant experience with most aluminium glazing systems available in the Uk, including Technal, Schueco, Senior architectural and hybrid entrance doors systems to name a few.

Windows that are not maintained are likely to have issues relating to:

•  Vents dropping causing issues with their functionality

•  Locking mechanisms may not engage properly leading to security issues

•  Ironmongery can corrode if drainage channels are not kept clear

•  Handles can work lose and may need to be replaced

For aluminium doors, particularly those located in high traffic environments undergo regular, cyclical maintenance. In our experience we would suggest that this should be carried out at lease every six months. Doors must be maintained, preventative glass maintenance is essential to avoid unwanted, costly replacements. Our thorough window and glass replacement service will ensure that all of the components are in full working condition before we leave your site and will focus on areas that sustain a significant amount of wear and tear, such as:

•  Door thresholds

•  Bottom pivots

•  Weather-seals

•  Door handles

We would recommend that checks are also required to make sure doors open and close properly and do not drag on the threshold or finished floor.

Window and Glass Replacement Services

Our window and glass replacement services have proven particularly beneficial to working environments such as schools and offices where budgets are small, working hours are restricted due to the usage of the building and/or holidays and work generally needs to be carried out at short notice and within a short period of time. In such environments, Dortech has experience in out of hours working, providing bespoke glazing design solutions and internal noise / dust barriers to minimise any disturbance to the building occupants.

Glass Inspections & Testing

Water ingress can cause damage to your buildings fittings and features. Rectification costs can be significant yet due to the way that water can track to whichever path provides least resistance, the source of the leak can often be very difficult to determine. Additionally, buildings move over time and interface details, if not executed robustly or properly maintained can start to wear down.

Our expertly trained site engineers have a wealth of experience in water testing and intrusive investigation works where necessary. If your buildings façade has suffered from water ingress issues we are confident we can help.

We can offer site hose water testing in accordance with CWCT site testing for water-tightness and all our testers are fully qualified in the operation and handling of all site access plant.


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