Glazing Maintenance & Repairs

Location: Leeds Project Type: Glass replacement Date Completed: August 2017 Description: The team were contacted in respect to 3 units of defective glass located on the 7th, 8th and 10th Glass had to be removed and replaced using the building pre-installed cradle and a specialist glass winch. The works were […]

Bond Court Glass Replacement

Location: Lancaster Project Type: Glass Replacement Date Completed: July 2017 Description: Our team were contacted by Lancaster University to replace a broken piece of glass in a visible grid curtain walling screen. The works only took one day to complete and the client was delighted with our performance.

Lancaster University Glass Replacement

Location: Hull Project Type: Glass Replacement Date Completed: July 2017 Description: Our engineers have just completed a glass replacement project in Hull to an existing Schueco FW50 +SG, capless curtain walling screen. The works necessitated the use of specialist access and lifting equipment in the form of a site crane […]

Humber quays Glass Replacement

Location: Chesterfield Project Type: Replacement Frameless Vent Date Completed: May 2017 Description: Our engineers were contacted by Chesterfield Hospital following a reported breakage to a structurally bonded window vent, from a golf ball. A frameless glass, bonded vent Technal had to be removed and reinstalled from outside the building utilising […]

Chesterfield hospital Replacement Frameless Vent

Our team have recently undertaken a glass replacement project at Sheffield UTC, for Wates Construction. We believe a spontaneous breakage had occurred as a consequence of a chemical impurity during the glass manufacturing process. Specialist access and heavy lifting equipment was utilised for this work, by our team of engineers. […]

Nickel Sulphide Glass Replacement at Sheffield UTC

One of our teams has just completed a quick turnaround glass replacement project at Oldham Leisure Centre. The glass was thought to have been broken from a projectile and was installed into a visible grid curtain walling suite supplied by Technal. The works were carried out with the use of […]

Oldham Leisure Centre Glass Replacement Work!

Dortech Maintenance has recently completed a re-glazing project at Garforth Library, in Leeds. The respective customer had approached a number of other companies for assistance in changing some broken glass. Due to the manner in which the glazing had been installed, size, weight and associated handling difficulties, Dortech Maintenance was […]

Garforth Library Reglazing Works

Dortech Maintenance were contacted by L&B Developments to assess a glass breakage at one of their properties located at Shire House, in Bradford. The breakage was assessed and was believed to have arisen as a result of a thermal break. Thermal break in glass can occur when two areas of the glass […]

Reglazing Work at Shire House, Bradford!

Our maintenance team have just completed a high level glass replacement project at Regents Point, in Newcastle Upon Tyne. The breakage was thought to of occurred as a result of a Nickel Sulphide impurity in the glass.   Glass may contain nickel sulphide impurities, in the form of small crystals.  […]

Reglazing at Regent Point, Newcastle!

  Ongoing leaks were reported reported to a ground floor,  faceted curtain wall screen. Dortechs Maintenance engineers attended site and conducted investigation works, which included water testing to identify the cause of the leaks. Further intrusive investigations had to take place and a number of ‘weak’ areas were identified, were […]

Astra Zenica – Leak Rectification Works

Following reports of a breakage, most likely caused through a nickel sulphide glass impurity, our Maintenance Engineers have been engaged by Liverpool Community College to attend site, measure up and replace the large, heavy broken glass. As you can see from the photo, access was heavily restricted and specialist access […]


Our teams have just completed glass replacement work to the iconic I-Quarter, in Sheffield. Glass had been reported as having broken through nickel suphide impurities. Spontaneous breakage of glass with impurities may occur as a consequence of differing rates of expansion/contraction under heat and cooling to the glass itself. Nickle […]

High Rise, Curtain Wall Glass Replacement in Sheffield!

Dortech Maintenance received a call from a residential project in Menston with complaints of leaking curtain walling and glazing. The team promptly attended site, removed curtain wall of cappings and pressure plates and then resealed the glazing system, thus rectifying the problem. The respective Landlady was delighted with the outcome and […]

Residential Curtain Wall Repairs

Dortech Maintenance was recently engaged by Shepherd FM to carry out the glass repalcment of damaged structural glazing at Yorks new council offices. Alick Doyle, Shepherd FM’s Facilities Manager was delighted with the work carried out and stated; ‘Thanks to all! Good job done by Dortech! Appreciate the prompt and efficient assistance from […]

Glass Replacement at York Offices for Shepherd FM

Tracy Wilson – Practice Manager: Your two staff were extremely professional and conducted themselves in an exemplary manner.  The new basement door is outstanding – everybody is really pleased with it.  The main doors are a little better than they were and at least lock properly now, however I fear they will probably have to […]

Albion Medical Practice Doors!

After the installation of the first Dor Strong Doors at Tuxford School in early 2012, Dortech were employed by Balfour Beatty Workplace to replace another three sets of failing double doors with Dorstrong Doors, fitted with the new Dorma series 9000 Panic devices. Balfour Beatty Workplace took advantage of the February […]

Tuxford School, Lincoln

Having recently been contacted by Oakfield School in Middleborough, Dortech have successfully completed a door refurbishment project. Dortech was enlisted to carry out this project our of hours and within a short time frame. The work involved the replacement of five double doors with Panic exit devices that had failed and replacement with Dortechs […]

Another Dor-Strong Door Contract Completed Successfully!

Dortech Maintenance were recently contacted by West Lancashire College following a ‘ram raid’ in which thieves drove a vehicle through the entrance screen in order to steal a cash dispenser. The original glazing contractor had not been able to assist the college with the repairs, so Dortech Maintenance stepped in […]

West Lancashire College Curtain Wall Repair Work

Dortech Maintenance have just completed a contract for BAM construction for a school project located in Alvechurch, Worcestershire. The school had reported leaks in classrooms and on inspection our Maintenance team established that there had been a poorly executed installation of aluminium coping flashings in roof locations. The team removed […]

Alvechurch – Roof Leak Repairs

Main Contractors, BAM Construction contacted Dortechs Maintenance team in respect to issues with ongoing leaks at a project called Brindley Place. The facade and associated coping flashings had been installed by a glazing sub-contractor that had ceased trading. Our team attended site and conducted an initial site investigation to determine […]

Brindley Place, Birmingham

Dortech was contacted by the NHS in Newcastle in respect to a glass breakage and replacement. Dortechs Maintenance team attended site and determined that the nature of the breakage was as a consequence of Nickle Sulphide inclusion within 16 toughened glass panes. At short notice, Dortech was commissioned to attend […]

Regent Point Newcastle

Dortech was called to the SSU site in Wakefield following a nickel sulphide spontaneous breakage in a curtain wall façade. The breakage had occurred as a result of an impurity in the glass, causing stress and glass fracture. The glass was located three stories high and was removed and made […]

SSU Nickel Sulphide Breakage

Dortech was recently commissioned by Morgan Sindall to replace some glass at Teeside University which had broken as a result of a nickel sulphide impurity. Glass may contain nickel sulphide impurities, in the form of small crystals. As glass is heated during the toughening process these impurities change state.  The high temperature a-state […]

High Level Glass Replacement at Teeside University

Wates Construction contacted Dortech following the failure of one of our competitors. The respective client had complained about a failure of the interface between the cladding and the render.Dortech was subsequently employed to design, fabricate and install a more robust aluminium alternative and carried out the repairs over a weekend […]

Installation of New Pressings at Doncaster Civic Offices